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Drug Rehabs In California

Drug Rehabs In California

Meditation For Addiction

More Posts Can Be Found At Meditation For Addiction Recovery Drug and alcohol addiction plague millions of people in the country. Recovery requires a focused and comprehensive treatment plan for the addicted person, and sometimes counseling for those closest to them. Meditation, not often discussed, can help the addict speed along their recovery. It
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Captagon: The ISIS Drug


How Shame & Addiction Are Related

More Posts Can Be Found At How Shame And Addiction Are Related It is natural to feel shame or guilt when you have done something wrong. However, an unhealthy amount of shame can keep you bound to an addiction or condition in life that you would rather break free of. Too much shame can

How To Prevent Substance Abuse

More Posts Can Be Found At The Best Way to Prevent Substance Abuse One of the best ways to prevent substance abuse is to educate adolescents of the dangers before they ever decide to experiment. At this stage, adolescents are struggling to fit in with their peers. People of all ages will do everything

How Anxiety And Addiction Are Related

More Posts Can Be Found At 7 Signs Of Anxiety And Addiction Everyone has anxieties. They are a part of life. However anxiety and addiction have a few earmark symptoms. If someone you know or your anxieties have crossed the border from normal to worrisome, you may want to consider getting professional help. Look

What Causes Military Drug Use?

More Posts Can Be Found At Factors Contributing To Military Drug Use While we honor those serving in the armed forces, they are human and subject to the same substance abuse problems as anyone. Military drug use of illicit substances is lower in the military as compared to the rest of the population, but

7 Reasons To Stop Using Drugs

More Posts Can Be Found At 7 Sensible Reasons to Stop Using Drugs If you are looking for reasons to stop using drugs, you should not have to look far. All a person has to do is take a good look at their life to realize that it has been turned upside down.  Some

Financial Consequences Of Drug Abuse

More Posts Can Be Found At Financial Consequences Of Drug Abuse Drug and alcohol addiction are coming after your finances. It does not matter how sound and secure an addict’s finances seem, it is only a matter of time before they come to the realization that there are financial consequences of drug abuse. Money

History Of Military & Drugs In Vietnam

More Posts Can Be Found At Drugs In Vietnam: The Darker Side Of Military History The average person may not as well know it, but for the soldiers who place their lives on the line every minute of every day, drugs were an everyday fact of life. Soldiers who fought in the war were

How To Raise Your Self Esteem After Rehab

More Posts Can Be Found At 5 Methods On How To Raise Your Self Esteem After Rehab After rehab, results can vary. Some people feel good, and others feel a bit low. The odds are they are still struggling to find ways to rebuild their self-esteem. It may take longer to achieve than they

What Is Addiction & It’s Consequences?

More Posts Can Be Found At What Is Addiction & It’s Consequences Addiction and recovery are two complex things. Addiction, of course, is a state of mind and being of a person with a destructive substance abuse problem that is out of control. The chemicals can be removed from a person’s body, but the
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