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Cocaine Detox

Cocaine Detox

From Cocaine’s History To Cocaine Detox

For centuries, the people of Central America chewed on the leaves of the cocoa plant to get a burst of energy. According to the Foundation For A Drug Free World “In 1860, a graduate student began experimenting with those leaves, and the substance he extracted is what we now call cocaine.”
Cocaine Detox
Cocaine is classified as a stimulant and has a short half-life, less than an hour. The drug quickly takes effect on the user, it also leaves the bloodstream quickly. Physical symptoms using this drug include increased body temperature, heart rate and blood pressure. Cocaine’s ‘high’ can generate euphoria, higher energy levels self confidence. The effects do not last long though, which is why users follow a binge pattern with this drug. Cocaine comes in two forms, powdered and in rock form, the latter being called “crack” cocaine. This drug is smoked, snorted, or injected.

A Cocaine detox is expressed in three phases:

the Initial Crash, Acute Withdrawal and the Extinction Period.

  • Crash Period: According to the the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) report, this period may last between 9 hours and 4 days. The side effects of this stage include increased appetite, the desire for copious amounts of sleep and the feeling of being depressed or agitated. Interesting to note that these side effects oppose the effects of the high.
  • Acute Withdrawal: According to the NHTSA (NHTSA) report the period can last 1-3 weeks. Side effects of this period are characterized by fatigue, irritability, depression, anxiety, insomnia and cravings for stimulant.
  • Extinction Period: This portion of recovery can last several months after cocaine was last used. This period of recovery is characterized by depressed moods and even suicidal thoughts.

Cocaine addiction is an awful ordeal for a person to go through.

Stimulant withdrawal is not considered life threatening due to its lack of physical symptoms. The emotional turmoil and cravings correlated with withdrawal are best treated by one of Elevate’s trained mental health professionals. Our staff can provide the necessary care and support during the suffer’s cocaine detox and recovery.
Cocaine Detox
All addictions including an addiction to cocaine can be beat. At Elevate we treat the underlying problems that cause an individual to turn to drug use. We find that addicts major problem is the inability to cope with life. Life will have its problems along the way. How an individual handles life’s problems determines whether he/she is on the path to success. Elevate Recoveries cocaine detox will show the addict how satisfying and beautiful life can be without the use of cocaine.

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