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Our energy is dedicated to the transformation of addiction and all of its despair into purpose, self- respect, confidence, and happiness. Once our program is completed the recovering addict will see their value, to friends, family and society as a whole.

Our Vision

It is our vision to enhance the process of addiction treatment by integrating positive, professional care with the structure necessary to create a climate in which mutual cooperation is fostered. If you or a loved one suffer from chemical dependency, our San Jose rehab program can help.

The innovative approach we take to treating addiction reflects our desire to invoke healing of the mind, body, and spirit.

San Jose Rehab

Our Philosophy

We believe that addiction is a result not of physical disease, but of a deep emotional, physical, or spiritual crisis that one has not been able to resolve.

  • As such, our approach to treatment does not involve replacing addictive substances with prescription medications aimed at altering emotions or cognitive function.

We recognize that belief is a personal choice, and that one’s beliefs will only change through a personal sense of reason, not by coercion or ultimatums.

  • As such, we understand that it is our clients’ prerogative to shift his or her own beliefs based on the activities and teachings administered here. What we request is that each client engage with sincerity in the course of their own recovery, and that they make room for the potential expansion, affirmation, or shift of damaging beliefs to healthier ones.

When creating our San Jose rehab program we wanted to convey that there is more power in self-respect, physical wellness, personal determination, and confidence than in the emotional and physical facets of addiction.

  • As such, we have established a two-fold method of treatment that addresses first the emotional and physical facets of addition and, second, that strengthens self-respect and personal determination which give our clients the confidence to live successfully.

We believe that, while life circumstances may make one feel like a victim, that no person is a victim of life or of certain circumstances. By facing our problems with self-respect and confidence, we can create a rewarding and successful life.

We believe that reward, fulfillment, and fun can be found in life, and that this is available to anyone who puts effort into finding the joy in life experiences. Regret, guilt, and shame have no place in this healthy existence.

We believe in the principle of reaping what we sow. The rewards you receive today stem from the thoughts and actions you planted yesterday. What you think and do today will reward you tomorrow. The only time in which change occurs is in the present moment. We believe that being present in the here and now is what can transform our future.

We believe that transformation is the effect of joy, laughter, and happiness; that the value in addressing the pains and regrets of the past lies only in attaining the ability to be present now to experience the joy, laughter and happiness that exists for us.

We believe in supporting each client in their own personal spirituality, whatever that may be. As such, we do not advocate or recommend any specific religious practice.

We believe that the pursuance of self-improvement is respectable, and support individuals in their quest to become all they can be. Likewise, we respect constructive channels through which individual goals can be achieved.

We believe that our San Jose rehab program is beneficial for clients who are earnest in their desire to live healthier, happier lives. We would love nothing more than to see our clients succeed in attaining their goals, and continue to provide the support they need to achieve them.

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