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California Drug Treatment

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Elevate’s approach to addiction treatment focuses on the physical, mental, and spiritual elements of addiction, in that order.

Putting a time limit on treatment is very counter productive. Our treatment program is based on results, so if a client is not ready to leave on their last day they will stay. The client might be close to a major breakthrough or resolving a major issue. The average length of Elevate’s drug treatment program is 90 days. In our experience ’28’ days is not enough to truly help our clients. During the first 30 days a person is overcoming the physical withdrawals of chemical dependency.

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The Most Recent Studies Are Using State Of The Art Technology To Study Addiction.

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Addiction Is A Complex Problem. Our Mission Is To Give Our Clients The Tools They Need To Find Lasting Recovery.

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How Bad Symptoms Will Be During A Drug Detox Will Depend On The Type Of Drug Used And For How Long It Was Used.

Reasons to Choose Elevate
Addiction Services

The Elevate Program is designed to get to the heart of addiction, and propel each client into a better life.

  • Focus on goals, not time
  • Long-term Treatment
  • Accreditation
  • Exercise and Nutrition
  • No Distractions
  • Therapeutic Approach

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California Drug Treatment

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California Drug Treatment